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Spotlight! Lauren Hince (Leadership Institute Edition)

Name: Lauren Hince

Pronouns: she/her

Title: Volunteer & Outreach Manager

Time in Role: 2.5 years

School: Ripon College

Area of study: B.A. in Communication and B.A. in Politics & Government

What do you like most about working in the nonprofit sector?

I came to the non-profit world after a brief stint working in the corporate sector. I enjoy that in non-profit work you feel valued. In previous jobs it was easy to feel disconnected from the work, but I’ve never had that serving in my current role. You may wear a lot of hats working in non-profits but that means plenty of opportunity for ownership, growth, and leadership. I also chose my non-profit because of the mission. I was a former debater in high school and part of college. When I moved to Chicago I tried to connect back with the debate community because this activity was such a big part of my identity. Now I get to support debate for 1,000+ CPS students and 400+ volunteers every year; and that’s a pretty fun job if I do say so myself.

Additional information you would like to highlight: My hobbies include playing competitive trivia, dog training, baking, and bottling homemade kombucha.

Where are you from? My hometown is Blaine, Minnesota.

What's your favorite hidden gem in Chicago?

The Rebuilding Exchange. Think of a thrift store but for building and home improvement supplies. I really enjoy decorating and upgrading my space and this spot has become a frequent favorite. They also offer some great skill classes like intro to electric and woodworking. I’m always trying to find ways to learn new things.

Where is your favorite place to volunteer?

My current favorite place to volunteer is with the Chicago Cleanup Club. They are a small grassroots group that organizes trash cleanups all over the city. There is something oddly satisfying about going out and cleaning up trash to make the community look a little bit better.

What's your go-to karaoke song?

1985 by Bowling for Soup.

What do you hope to accomplish in your time in the YNPN LI Cohort?

During my time in the YNPN LI Cohort I hope to learn how to become an intentional leader. I’m really enjoying the reading we’re doing from Radical Candor. I’m hoping this plus my time in the LI will build my conflict resolution skills and confidence as a leader.

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