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7 Non-Profit Newsletters That Won’t Just Clutter Your Inbox

By Grace Lipscomb

One of the best pieces of advice I received in the past was to read 1-2 relevant articles or newsletters every morning. It doesn’t take up too much time, and you start the day feeling that you have already learned something or explored a new topic.

Here are 7 non-profit newsletters that will not just add clutter to your inbox, but provide valuable information, tips, and stories:

  1. Nonprofit Quarterly

    1. Offering five different newsletters, Nonprofit Quarterly focuses on four core topics: Economic Justice, Race and Power, Leadership and Management, and Philanthropy. By subscribing to a newsletter based on frequency and/or interests, you will never be disappointed by what arrives in your inbox. Subscribe here!

  2. Nonprofit Hub

    1. Nonprofit Hub offers a weekly newsletter with resources, events, and industry news. Their articles highlight all areas of the sector, including ones titled “Nonprofit Leadership Transition: Best Practices” and “Bounce Back from Nonprofit Budget Deficit” plus many more. You can subscribe on their website.

  3. Chronicle of Philanthropy

    1. Hitting your inbox daily or weekly, Chronicle of Philanthropy is the perfect mix of opinion articles and incredible summaries of articles from national outlets on various topics. You can choose to subscribe to any of their three free newsletters here.

  4. Forefront

    1. If you are interested in the social impact sphere of the nonprofit sector, you will want to subscribe to Forefront’s newsletter. You do not need to be a member to receive their newsletter, which is full of events and resources for nonprofit professionals.

  5. Nonprofit Tech for Good

    1. Focusing on digital marketing and fundraising topics, Nonprofit Tech for Good shares a newsletter packed with relevant articles for topics related to social media, email marketing, and donor relations. If this is your area of expertise in the nonprofit field, this is a great newsletter for your inbox.

  6. Prosper Strategies

    1. Prosper Strategies is a consultancy firm located in Chicago, focusing on effective and impactful results in the social sector. Their newsletter offers articles and insights on industry-wide topics. Subscribe on their homepage.

  7. Nonprofit AF

    1. With a humorous tone, Vu Le uses his blog Nonprofit AF to criticize many of the field’s practices, which he says often leave behind the very communities they profess to serve. Sign up on the website to have a new post delivered each Monday morning.

Do you have any other recommendations? Share your favorite nonprofit newsletters with us on social media!

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