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Spotlight! Jackie Gallo (Leadership Institute Edition)

Name: Jackie Gallo Preferred Pronouns: she/her Job title: Director of Business Engagement Organization: Revolution Workshop Time in current role: 3.5 years College/School: Northwestern University Area of study/expertise: Environmental Science with minors in Global Health & Human-Centered Design

What do you like most about working in the nonprofit sector? A lot of my happiness / sense of fulfillment is determined by the strength of my community. My work has allowed me to develop a really great community of people. In my current role I work with our program alumni, construction companies, community organizations, coworkers, etc. We’ve all supported, challenged, commiserated, and laughed with each other.

If you could shadow anyone in the nonprofit sector, who would it be? It would be very cool to shadow Chris Smalls right now.

What drew you to the Leadership Institute? There are a lot of aspects to being an organizational leader that are completely new to me. I needed some outside perspective to be an accountability check and a thought partner as I find my way along the path. What do you like most about YNPN? It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and not take the time to reflect. It sounds ridiculous, but there have been multiple times during the Leadership Institute that have made me go, “Wow, I feel like my brain just turned on”. You're happiest when ____. I’m in a car full of people I love with good music playing and good scenery in the background.

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