Top 5 Reasons to Apply to Serve on the Board

Have you wondered what it would be like to serve on the YNPN Chicago Executive Board? Perhaps you’re interested but still have a few hesitations. Or maybe you’re wondering what you’ll gain from this experience. That’s why we’re sharing the top five reasons to apply for YNPN Chicago’s Executive Board. What better way to decide if you should apply than by hearing from current board members about their experience?

  1. Board service is a great way to get more involved in YNPN Chicago and collaborate with other professionals in the sector.

    “I really enjoyed attending YNPN Chicago events as a member, but I was looking for a way to be more involved in the nonprofit community. Serving on the board was the perfect fit for me because it allowed me to take on a leadership role and collaborate with other nonprofit professionals who are just as passionate about the sector as I am.” - Elizabeth Blasko, Communications Co-Chair 

  2. The application is straightforward and user friendly.

    “My application process was very smooth. I applied and was sent a doodle to pick a time to interview and then showed up for the group interview. I was impressed with how many board members were a part of the interview process. I had a chance to talk to someone from each department and it made me more excited to be a part of YNPN.” – Miriam Kamya, Programming Co-Chair“
    The process was smooth. In fact, my flight got delayed during the final round interview, but I was grateful to do a videochat interview.” – Dave Cotungo, Development – Special Events Chair

  3. As a board member, you'll be challenged and pushed outside of your comfort zone.

    "Board service with YNPN Chicago has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my career. I have grown as a professional, engaged with parts of nonprofit life way outside of my comfort zone, and made some incredible connections along the way!" – Evan Williamson, Communications Co-Chair

  4. The YNPN Chicago Executive Board discusses relevant topics in the nonprofit sector and shares helpful resources.

    “I love being part of a group where we regularly discuss issues related to the nonprofit sector and are constantly sharing resources. Everyone on the board brings a unique perspective and a wealth of experience. It’s such a privilege to be able to learn from this group of leaders.” – Briana Davis, Programming Co-Chair

  5. You’ll form close connections with fellow board members.

    “Meeting new people both on the board and people engaged in the network has been the best part of serving on the board. There are people I would likely have never met if not for YNPN Chicago. They have brought joy to my life and opened doors both personally and professionally.” – Brian Elmore, Vice Chair

At this point hopefully you’ve decided to give it at shot and apply to serve on the YNPN Chicago Executive Board. So, here’s a few pieces of advice for you as you begin the application process:

  • “Apply now! You have the chance to be a part of something really special.” – Miriam Kamya, Programming Co-Chair
  • “Don’t worry about feeling overwhelmed by the time commitment that it adds to your current plate. The board is collaborative and supportive, and people are always happy to step up and support you.” – Dave Cotungno, Development – Special Events Chair
  • “For the interview, you’ll be walking into a room with a lot of people looking at you, which can definitely be intimidating. But hopefully knowing this ahead of time and knowing that we’re all excited to learn about you and answer your questions about board service will help put you at ease.” – Briana Davis, Programming Co-Chair