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Job Title: State Director

Organization: The Public Interest Network


Job Description

Through Environment Michigan, we’re working to protect the air, water and land that we all love. From the Great Lakes to the forests of the Upper Peninsula, Michigan’s special places are worth protecting. Recently, we won a major victory when President Obama restored clean water protections to more than half of the nation’s streams, which feed drinking water sources for one in three Americans. Now, we’re working to defend our progress on climate change and make sure that Senators Peters and Stabenow stand up against President Trump’s environmental rollbacks.

We’re expanding our state directing team to have a presence in 33 states, and we’re looking for highly qualified, driven and passionate candidates to run 10 of our state offices, and direct our environmental and public interest programs in those locations.

The State Director is responsible for developing our strategy, approach and local message to win our campaigns. The State Director will also meet with local decision-makers and opinion leaders and represent our organization to allies and the media. State Directors help to build and foster our membership, grassroots and online base of support. Finally, the State Director will help recruit staff and volunteers to join us, fundraise for our programs, and maintain good systems for tracking and building on our work.

Program: Run our in-state program participating in and overseeing policy development, research and messaging.
Advocacy: Bring problems and solutions to the attention of decision-makers—including state legislators, people on the governor’s staff, state regulators and local officials. Develop appropriate messages and materials for making the case to decision-makers. Build relationships with key players in the state, the region and at the federal level.
Campaign strategy: Develop plans to win on our environmental or public interest campaigns. Assess opportunities for building political support for our agenda through coalition-building, grassroots organizing, media coverage, endorsements and message development.
Media outreach: Serve as the public spokesperson for our environmental or public interest campaigns through media events, press releases, editorial board meetings and other outreach with a goal of building name recognition for the organization, educating the public about our issues, and building and demonstrating support for our positions.
Coalition building: Identify, reach out and work with partners who can help us win our campaigns.
Fundraising: Write grant proposals, build relationships with foundation staff and meet with large donors, all to bring more resources to campaigns we’re waging to protect our environment or the public interest. Work with our citizen outreach staff to build and develop our membership base.
Staff recruitment and development: Recruit new staff and volunteers to increase our impact and build our power.

Pay & Benefits
Target annual compensation for this position is commensurate with the relevant professional experience and/or advanced degrees that a candidate has. The Public Interest Network offers a competitive benefits package.
Additional Locations
Denver, Colo.
Portland or Augusta, Maine
Minneapolis, Minn.
Ann Arbor, Mich.
Las Vegas or Reno, Nev.
Manchester or Concord, N.H.
Raleigh, N.C.
Columbus, Ohio
Austin, Texas
Richmond, Va.

The Public Interest Network
The Public Interest Network is a group of organizations working to address problems our society can’t afford to ignore—from preserving irreplaceable resources like air, water and a livable climate; to transforming vast systems of transportation and energy that were designed to meet the needs of a different century; to growing and distributing food in ways that won’t destroy the environment and threaten human health.
To Apply
Please apply online at

Location: Ann Arbor, MI

Job Type: Full Time

Candidates must have at least 3-5 years of relevant professional experience. Qualified candidates will have a demonstrated commitment to environmental and public interest issues and to citizen-based social change, as well as a track record of leadership. We're looking for goal-driven and results-oriented individuals who have excellent verbal, writing and analytical skills, the ability to speak persuasively in a charged atmosphere, and enthusiasm for the work. The ideal candidate will have experience in state-level political advocacy and organizing, a proven ability to recruit, train and develop staff, the ability to raise money, and demonstrated success in building relationships with the full spectrum of environmental and political stakeholders.

Education Requirement: Bachelors

How to Apply
Please apply online at

Last Day to Apply: 06/30/2017

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