Rep Your Cause: Child Abuse

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Lynn Luong on Eliminating Child Abuse and Neglect

What cause are you representing and why is it important to highlight?

Mercy Home for Boys and Girls is bringing awareness to child abuse, and wants others to join in the effort to end it. This is important because the statistics are sad, and it’s upsetting to know that there are children who are suffering without love or support in a home, the environment where they’re supposed to feel safe.

What new or innovative developments are taking place to either increase awareness or to address the issue itself?

New this year, Mercy Home for Boys and Girls created a pledge for those who support our cause of ending child abuse. Additionally, Mercy Home participates in 5 parades throughout the city and surrounding locations. We normally have about 1000 volunteers marching to raise awareness and collect donations.

How can YNPN members and supporters help or get more involved?

They can sign up to be a volunteer, sign the pledge, or donate directly to the campaign. There are so many ways to help support us, simply by signing up through this form. Members can join Mercy Home at any of the 5 parades. Also, they can simply host a Jeans day at their office to raise funds; hold bake sales; or organize any type of collection drive in your neighborhood, school or church.

Is there anything else you’d like us to know about your cause?

The entire month of March is dedicated to the children of Mercy Home for Boys and Girls who come into our care. This is Mercy Home’s March for Kids. They have suffered abuse, neglect and even abandonment. Mercy Home has been around since 1887 and is 99.9% privately funded. Without the support of our volunteers and constituents, we would not be able to save over 30,000 kids.

Lynn Luong is the Assistant Manager of Digital Marketing at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls


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