Rep My Cause: Human Rights

human rights

Kristin Ginger on Human Rights

What cause are you representing and why is it important to highlight?

I’ve been involved with Amnesty International ever since I was fourteen, and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. It makes me very happy that J.K. Rowling once worked for Amnesty International, and I think she sums up how the organization works better than I can: “Ordinary people, whose personal well-being and security are assured, join together in huge numbers to save people they do not know, and will never meet. My small participation in that process was one of the most humbling and inspiring experiences of my life.”

To elaborate a little, AI has been fighting injustice and promoting human rights for more than 50 years. They investigate human rights abuses and fight to liberate prisoners of conscience, with the goal of creating a world in which everyone–no matter their race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity–enjoys all of the human rights laid out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

What new or innovative developments are taking place to either increase awareness or to address the issue itself?

As a global organization, AI works on a broad array of human rights issues that range from fighting censorship to advocating to abolish the death penalty. Our local Chicago chapter focuses on those issues that matter most to our members; in recent years, that has meant focusing on the crisis in Syria, women’s rights, LGBTQA rights, and gun violence. In addition to doing the traditional petitions and letters, we host and cosponsor a variety of events throughout the year–panel discussions, film showings, author readings, etc.

How can YNPN members and supporters help or get more involved? (Think broadly)

Everyone is welcome to join our local Chicago group meetings, which happen once a month in the Loop. We’d also love to see you at our events, which you can find out about at our Facebook page. Feel free to email me ( or our group leader Blaine Mineman ( if you’d like to get involved, have any questions, or just want to be included on emails.

You can also support the broader USA chapter of AI by signing up for their email list or becoming a member. There are always petitions to sign, campaigns to follow, and reports to read.


Kristin Ginger volunteers for Amnesty International’s Chicago Chapter.