Quality Assurance Manager


Job Title: Quality Assurance Manager

Organization: Marillac St. Vincent Family Services

Website: http://marillacstvincent.org/about/careeropportunities.html

Job Description

The Quality Assurance Manager, under the direction of the Chief Program Officer (CPO):

○ Develops and implements quality management procedures and systems that align our organization with best practices.
○ Ensures our organization meets standards for quality as defined by the Board of Trustees, CEO and/or Leadership Team.
○ Strengthens the capacity of our organization to measure outcomes and increase quality of services to families based on data reports.
○ Provides leadership and day-to-day management of strategic projects in accordance with our stated purpose and mission statement.
○ Demonstrates behaviors consistent with our core values.

Duties & Responsibilities:

○ Work collaboratively with the CPO and Leadership Team members to identify best practices and develop outcome measures and program evaluation.
○ Develop and maintain collaborative relationships with organizations supportive of standards, outcomes, and evaluation programs and systems.
○ Ensure agency uses up-to-date methods to measure outcomes and achieve strategic objectives.
○ Provide consultation, training, and technical assistance to staff at all levels in areas of program or administrative development and outcome measurement.
○ Work in close cooperation with the IT Coordinator to design and maintain the Efforts-to-Outcomes (ETO) system to monitor progress on desired outcomes.
○ Promote a culture of reflection and learning among staff.
○ Disseminate and analyze data reports with staff to determine explanatory information and assist in developing plans for improving quality of services based on data.
○ Assist the COO and/or Leadership Team in the development, research, and implementation of strategic initiatives and projects.
○ Participate in the benchmarking collaborative with partner agencies to ensure Marillac St. Vincent Family Services (MSV) has comparative data on outcomes and opportunities to learn from other organizations.
○ Work collaboratively to integrate services with all departments, staff, and volunteers.
○ Assist in efforts related to grant writing, reporting, and site visits.
○ Develop and maintain key relationships in the community that help MSV meet strategic goals and objectives.
○ Actively seek to align programs with best practices or standards for high quality.
○ Ensure on time and accurate collection of data using organization’s database and/or funder databases.
○ Analyze data with team members to determine how to explain information related to findings and improvement strategies. Report findings to supervisor; make recommendations for improving quality of services and/or department’s outcomes system; ensure successful implementation department strategies.
○ Use outcome and strategic results to enhance the organizations public image and promote programs to families, funders, and other stakeholders.
○ Respond to agency and stakeholder needs by performing assigned tasks, which do not fall within the above description.


○ An advanced degree in social service administration, public administration or business administration preferred
○ A minimum of two years in a leadership position in an organization with integrated management systems.

Location: 2145 N. Halsted St., Chicago, IL 60614

Job Type: Full Time

○ Experience in program development, quality assurance, strategic planning, or evaluation.
Skills in analysis and planning.
○ Ability to create easily useable and understandable documents for use by public, staff, and board.
Ability to make effective presentations and engage in easily understandable dialogues about projects and results.

Education Requirement: Bachelors, Masters

How to Apply
Go to http://marillacstvincent.org/about/careeropportunities.html to fill out an application, and upload your cover letter and resume.

Last Day to Apply: 05/01/2017

Posted by: Maureen Hallagan, info@marillacstvincent.org