Spotlight on organizations serving Chicago women

by Aida Kajs

This year, to kick off Women’s History Month, we wanted to highlight some organizations in Chicago which do a great job at serving women and their unique, often overlooked needs. If you have the time, we hope that you follow the links below to learn more about these organizations.

A Long Walk Home

Since 2003, A Long Walk Home has been working to develop the next generation of leaders in gender equity and racial justice. Co-founded by sisters Salamishah and Scheherazade Tillet, the organization has partnered with the likes of Gloria Steinem and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Apna Ghar

Focusing on immigrant communities, Apna Ghar is working to end gender violence through their approach combining services for survivors, advocacy, and community outreach. With a staff that speaks a combined 20 languages, Apna Ghar even operates a 24-hour crisis line.

Calculated Genius

Founded by Chicago engineer and entrepreneur Kimberly Moore, Calculated Genius provides STEM enrichment for high school students in the Chicago area, as well as the STEMinist Scholarship for young women from the Chicago area majoring in engineering.

Chicago Abortion Fund

The Chicago Abortion Fund provides comprehensive support to people seeking abortion care, working towards an ultimate goal of ensuring bodily autonomy for all. In addition to operating a helpline and providing financial support, their website contains a wealth of resources for those pre- and post-abortion.

Chicago Foundation for Women

Focusing on the three key issues of work and economic security, freedom from violence, and access to health, the Chicago Foundation for Women fundraises for initiatives that serve women throughout the Chicago area.

Chicago Women’s Health Center

Chicago Women’s Health Center provides health services and health education to women, trans people, and young people on a sliding-scale payment model. They offer primary care, trans health services, gynecologic care, and more to people who may not be able to access it anywhere else.

Chicago Women in Trades

CWIT aims to help women succeed in skilled trades typically dominated by men, offering training programs in both construction and welding. Through helping funnel women into these higher-paying trades, CWIT hopes to help close the gender pay gap.

Deborah’s Place

For 35 years, Deborah’s Place has worked to provide housing for unaccompanied women experiencing homelessness in Chicago. Deborah’s Place works towards the goal that “once a woman comes to Deborah’s Place, she will never be homeless again.”