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Spotlight! Lincoln Stannard (Leadership Institute Edition)

Name: Lincoln Stannard

Preferred Pronouns: he/him

Job Title: Building Development Associate

Organization: LUCHA

Time in current role: Almost 5 years

College/School: LeTourneau University

Area of study/expertise: Engineering, Mechanical Concentration

What do you like most about working in the nonprofit sector?

Being able to contribute to efforts that address urgent needs of my own community and communities across the region. On top of that, working in the nonprofit sector has been an education in itself. My perspectives have been deeply changed through hearing the stories of people and places that I've encountered in this work.

What drew you to the Leadership Institute?

I was looking for an experience that would push me to grow and define myself as a leader, and better understand my strengths and weaknesses. I'm someone who tends to get so focused on the work at hand that I neglect to make space to reflect on long-term goals. The network of support and care through the Leadership Institute has already made a huge difference in making me more confident about navigating the path ahead.

What are your hopes for our industry?

I would like to see those most impacted have more of a seat at the table where those decisions are made. I believe the nonprofit and public sectors always have more work to do to commit to real transparency and accountability with the communities that they are serving.

What is your favorite hidden gem in Chicagoland?

With almost 50 years of history, it may not be a totally hidden gem, but Old Fashioned Donuts in Roseland still gets overlooked because it's far South. It's a priceless neighborhood institution, and if you love sweets, their doughnuts will change your life. Check out their giant apple fritters, but my favorite is the classic yeast glazed. Plus, the newly designated Pullman Historic Monument is just blocks away.

You're happiest when ______

I'm on a long bike ride, either cruising through a cool neighborhood or on one of the bike paths around the city. On a long summer day, taking the North Branch trail up to the Chicago Botanical Garden is a spectacular experience.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

This answer changes constantly for me, but at the moment I would really like to learn how to roast coffee.

What's your go-to karaoke song?

I Would Die 4 U by Prince

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