Open Positions

The following positions are available for the 2019-2021 Board Class.

All board terms are a two-year commitment. The number of available spots is indicated in parenthesis. Position descriptions and competency requirements are listed below.

Communications Co-Chair (1)
Development Co-Chair, Fundraising (1)
Leadership Institute Chair (1)
Membership Co-Chair (1)
Programming Co-Chair (1)

General Requirements of Board Service

Board Members are Required to:

  • Serve a two-year term (Sept. 2019 - Sept. 2021)
  • Attend monthly board meetings and annual strategy retreat
  • Attend and staff one program per quarter, in addition to special events like Holiday Social and Celebration
  • Contribute financially in the form of annual dues ($75)
  • Adhere to a board culture that respects individuals and a diversity of perspectives
  • Accomplish the tasks and projects as detailed in position profiles and work plans

Board Members are Expected to:

  • Work independently and collaboratively outside of scheduled meetings to complete tasks related to organization’s strategic plan and work plans
  • Respond to board colleagues in a timely manner (by email, phone, Slack)
  • Inform co-chairs or other colleagues on the board if you are unable to attend an event or meeting or if you will be late
  • Spend the appropriate time needed per week to fulfill YNPN Chicago-related responsibilities

Board Members are Encouraged to:

  • Help to actively recruit new board members during the recruiting process and throughout the year
  • Participate in or help facilitate additional YNPN Chicago events (programs, networking) and YNPN National events (Program XChanges, National Conference) as often as possible

Core Competencies for YNPN Chicago Board Service:

  1. Accountability
  2. Initiative
  3. Organizational sensitivity
  4. Networking

View more about YNPN Chicago board service competencies here

Open Position Descriptions


Position Title: Communications Co-Chair (1 position available)

Position Summary: The Communications Co-Chairs work together to manage YNPN Chicago’s external communications and brand engagement in order to promote YNPN Chicago’s mission, programs, and membership benefits. They work collaboratively to manage all digital platforms, email communication, and social media.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Compose and publish weekly newsletter which includes a mix of YNPN Chicago event promotion, curated links, announcements, and blog previews.
  • Maintain an active presence on all social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) in order to promote upcoming YNPN Chicago events and initiatives and to provide relevant content to various audiences 
    • Create and run monthly #YNPNChiChat Twitter Chats
    • Develop and cultivate original content for YNPN Chicago communications channels, such as blog posts and video, at least three times per quarter
    • Design custom graphics for promotion, as needed.
  • Manage updates for YNPN Chicago’s website, including posting and updating event pages, blogs, and announcements
  • Respond to all internal and external email, Slack, and website and social media inquiries within 48 hours
  • Work closely with other function area chairs on promotional plans, communication strategies, and branding for all YNPN Chicago programs and projects
    • Support Development Co-Chairs with fundraising appeals and work closely with them to develop Holiday Social and Celebration marketing plans
    • Collaborate and meet regularly with Programming and Membership Co-Chairs to accurately promote their initiatives
    • Help maintain style guide and brand standards to ensure consistency in all external communications

Position-Specific Competencies:

  1. Written expression
  2. Result-orientedness
  3. Creativity
  4. Initiative

Other Requirements:

  • Basic knowledge of social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

Preferred or Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience with website content management systems (NationBuilder preferred) and programming languages like HTML and CSS highly desirable
  • Social media management, email marketing, graphic design, and/or photography experience


Position Title: Development Co-Chair, Fundraising (1 position available)

Position Summary: The Development Co-Chairs will coordinate all aspects of YNPN Chicago’s fundraising efforts including annual giving, securing funds for the Leadership Institute, and executing our annual Special Events: Celebration and Holiday Social. While this is a two-person team, each chair will focus on a different aspect of YNPN Chicago’s development initiative. 

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Manage YNPN Chicago’s donor recognition processes by sending thank you letters and tracking contributions (sponsorships, in-kind)
  • Lead #GivingTuesday campaign and annual appeal
  • Works in conjunction with Development Co-Chair, Fundraising in preparation for Holiday Social and Celebration with an emphasis on the solicitation of sponsorships and raffle items 
  • Serve as a resource for centralizing and streamlining development-related Executive Board functions and determines where other Chairs can provide support 
    • Provides leadership on ad-hoc development projects and coordinates with relevant Chairs
    • Develop and produce materials for an annual impact report in coordination with Executive Co-Chairs
  • Determine an annual fundraising goal based on YNPN Chicago’s organizational and chair needs; identifies streams and types of fundraising that would be most impactful for YNPN Chicago’s work. Submit proposals, as needed.

Position-Specific Competencies: 

  1. Results-oriented
  2. Attention to detail
  3. Persuasiveness
  4. Collaboration


Position Title: Leadership Institute Chair (1 position available)

Position Summary:The Leadership Institute Chair manages the planning and execution of YNPN Chicago’s 10-month leadership development program. Sessions are held once a month on a weekday morning from January through October. This chair coordinates and provides support to a range of external parties, including cohort participants, mentors, facilitators, and guest speakers.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Manage the application and selection processes for YNPN Chicago’s Leadership Institute
    • Work with Executive Chairs to update application form (SurveyMonkey) and selection criteria
    • Work with Communications Co-Chairs to develop annual outreach recruitment plan 
    • Communicate with all applicants pre- and post- selection process
    • Lead the selection committee (comprised of other YNPN Chicago Board Members) 
  • Coordinate logistics and room set-up for monthly sessions
    • Update and prepare orientation binder for participants
    • Provide coffee and light breakfast for cohort members during each session
    • Gather relevant materials (readings, supplies for activities, etc.)
  • Serve as liaison to facilitators, mentees, mentors, speakers, community partners, and YNPN Chicago’s Executive Board
    • Recruit, support, and maintain relationships with mentors. Plan annual mentor thank-you/reflection lunch
    • Communicate with and coordinate monthly guest speakers
  • Ensure quality and relevant session content
    • Oversee curriculum enhancement with facilitators
    • Administer and monitor results of monthly post-session surveys. Adapt sessions and make suggestions for the future, as needed
    • Support facilitators in drafting session agendas

Position-Specific Competencies

  1. Planning & Organizing
  2. Effective Communication
  3. Leadership of Groups 
  4. Adaptability

Preferred or Desired Qualifications:

  • People management skills
  • Program or event coordination experience. 
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including in person, email, and phone
  • Experience in developing or managing an education curriculum a plus


Position Title: Membership Co-Chair (1 position available)

Position Summary: Membership Co-Chairs will coordinate YNPN Chicago’s efforts to recruit and retain members, provide technical support on member issues, and oversee member benefits. This two-person team focuses on engagement and operations for YNPN Chicago’s membership program. These essential roles provide an opportunity to enhance the framework for YNPN Chicago’s paid membership model.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Manage member benefits, including discounts and promotions. Oversee delivery of  value-add experiences, exclusive events, and onboarding for members. Recommend and develop new member programs and services.
    • Work with Communications team to implement digital initiatives to further engage members, such as member spotlights, blog posts, member exclusive e-blasts.
    • Lead implementation of new membership level(s). 
    • Track and support individuals who inquire about free or reduced membership.
  • Responsible for all member recruitment and engagement initiatives
    • Oversee all member customer service efforts, including, but not limited to welcome emails, complaints, questions, thank yous, and acknowledgements.
    • Regularly engage and communicate with members and non-members at events and online. Responsible for member welcoming efforts.
    • Lead outreach efforts by sharing YNPN Chicago’s mission and programs with new individuals, organizations, and underrepresented groups.Coordinate with and support Programming Co-Chairs, Communication Co-Chairs, and External Relations.
  • Responsible for internal and technical membership projects:
    • Support members in setting up, accessing, and updating their online accounts in NationBuilder
    • Provide membership data reports, as needed, to internal and external parties. Collaborate with Finance and Development to reconcile accounts.
    • Manage and maintain all member and prospect records within database
      • Pool data from database and other sources to track member engagement
      • Collaborate with Communications team to update Mailing List
    • Manage member renewal process. Communicate membership status to members. Ensure fulfillment of all transactions.

Position-Specific Competencies:

  1. Customer Orientation
  2. Learning Ability
  3. Problem Solving & Research
  4. Effective Communication

Preferred or Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience in database management. NationBuilder experience highly desired
  • Previous experience in member recruitment and retention
  • Ability to engage and build relationships with diverse audiences
  • Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills, including in person, email and phone


Position Title: Programming Co-Chair (1 position available)

Position Summary: The Programming Co-Chairs work together to direct all aspects of the planning and execution of core YNPN Chicago programs and events, including professional development workshops, networking events, and social opportunities. They collectively produce over 25 programs per year for the public, which are a mix of low-cost and free experiences that contribute to the mission and fiscal sustainability of the organization.  

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Work as a team to implement at least one social/networking event and one professional development opportunity per month 
  • Regularly attend and staff YNPN Chicago programs and events, which typically occur on weekday evenings
  • Produce experiences that help participants develop skills, learn about issues relevant to their work, grow personally, advance professionally, and build their networks
  • Communicate internally with YNPN Chicago function areas to ensure that: 
    • Program descriptions are clear, posted online, and promoted (Communications)
    • Recruitment events are planned annually (Executive, Leadership Institute)
    • Actual costs fall within budgeted expenses and program income meets revenue goals (Finance)
  • Communicate externally to:
    • Identify, recruit, and coordinate peer leaders, subject matter experts, and established partners to serve as program speakers
    • Identify, negotiate, and coordinate with venues
    • Gather and analyze feedback from event participants using evaluation tools for continuous improvement

Position-Specific Competencies:

  1. Planning and organizing
  2. Customer orientation
  3. Focus on quality
  4. Flexibility

Other Requirements:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including in-person, email, and phone
  • Responsive to deadlines and event timelines
  • Ability to manage multiple event timelines 
  • Be a supportive, team player

Preferred or Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience in or has a desire to learn event/program planning processes
  • Comfortable with public speaking
  • Experience in or willing to negotiate with speakers and venues (e.g. managing honorariums, securing donated food and event space)
  • Able to identify key subject matter experts in the nonprofit community

Find out more about YNPN Chicago board service in general and the application process here.

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