New Year, Better Network!


As Co-Chairs of the YNPN Chicago Executive Board, we are extremely proud of the role that our organization has played in the career development of our members. Founded in 2001 to address the persistent and unique challenges of working in the nonprofit sector, the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Chicago continues to develop new generations of nonprofit leaders.

YNPN Chicago is growing, and we invite you to grow with us.

Each year more than 1,000 Chicago professionals join us for in-person networking events and professional development programs. Over 6,000 people subscribe to our weekly newsletter. YNPN Chicago exists to serve the people who make the nonprofit sector, and our city, a more vibrant, strong, and better place. It’s not about us as a board or organization, it’s about you.

In 2018, big changes are coming, and we’re excited to be the first to share the news with you. Beginning in early February, YNPN Chicago will move to a paid membership model.

This is a big change—we know! Which is why we’ll be following up with more posts in the new year which will share more about the background, reasoning, and plan for this new membership model. And most importantly, we know you want to know how it will affect you! We want to make it easier for everyone to understand what it means to be a YNPN Chicago member.

Although shifting to a paid membership model is a departure from the past 16 years, we believe this will allow us to truly become a network-driven organization.

Our orignal logo

What is changing?
Currently, YNPN Chicago membership is free and defined as a subscription to our weekly newsletter. In order to better understand and serve the people who make up our network, we need to clearly define what it means to be a member. By shifting to a paid membership structure, YNPN Chicago aims to provide enhanced resources for members and an improved experience for everyone in order to build a stronger network of nonprofit leaders.

A new website with log-in capabilities, a member directory, and more features will be launching, too!

How much will it cost?
Membership will be $25 for 12 months. That’s less than $2.25 per month: cheaper than a cup of coffee, one ride on the ‘L’, or a slice of avocado toast!

Pictured above: the leading cause for the downfall of our generation.

Will only paid members will be able to attend events and receive resources?
No! YNPN Chicago is committed to providing accessible resources and opportunities for growth for all nonprofit professionals and supporters in the Chicago-area. You can view our mission and vision here.

Most events and programs will continue to be open to the public, as well as the popular weekly newsletter. Members will benefit more through discounts and the addition of member-only perks and select events.

What’s next?
Stay tuned for more updates and information in the new year! On behalf of the YNPN Chicago Executive Board, we want to thank all Chicago nonprofit professionals for the amazing work that you do. We look forward to strengthening the network and our collective impact through this new membership structure.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Cheers to 2018,
Sabina Wee Lock and Ani Schmidt