Member Spotlight with Whitney Nash

Whitney Nash, August Member Spotlight

Whitney Nash, Senior Manager at Mercy Housing

Tell us about your role.

Mercy Housing Lakefront is one of the largest affordable and supportive housing providers in the country. Currently, I oversee the Resident Services for 9 existing properties (8 family and 1 supportive) and one that will be opening in late 2016/early 2017. I am responsible for overseeing the services in six key programming areas: Health and Wellness, Community Participation, Advocacy, Financial Stability, Housing Stability and Out of School Time activities. My job involves not only supervision, but also direct service, data management, audit compliance, internal and external relationship building, grant fulfillment, community gardening and youth programming & empowerment.

How long have you been involved with YNPN Chicago?

I was involved for quite some time early in my career and while I was in graduate school, but became reacquainted and more involved in 2014

Why do you like working in the nonprofit sector?

I’ve worked in both the for profit and not for profit sectors, and prefer being in not for profit. My sense of fulfillment comes from being an agent of change. It is so rewarding to see how my career can directly change peoples’ lives.

What is your favorite place in Chicago?

Personally, I just moved to Logan Square and am loving sitting out on the various patios by the Square. Professionally, I spend a lot of my time in Austin and love going to Moore Park with the kids in our program and playing pick up games of kickball and Johnny Come Across.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Always say hello and acknowledge people. Even if someone is homeless, let them know you see them, don’t avert your eyes and ignore them. Sometimes just knowing you’ve been seen, can brighten a person’s day.

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