Listen to What Matters: Podcast Creators Energize the Social Impact Sector


What is The Brink of Impact?

We started talking about creating a podcast because we wanted to talk to people like us—individuals in the first few years of their social impact careers, still in the “figuring-it-out” phase, who can share experiences, advice, and resources. We have found these peer-to-peer conversations valuable among our own circles and felt that a podcast would allow us to open up the conversation to a wider network. The result was “The Brink of Impact” and our goal is to share the stories and experiences of young people in the nonprofit sector through interviews and get our listeners excited about the many different paths you can take to pursue social impact. In each episode, we interview an individual about their journey so far, discuss the best ways to land that perfect job, and share social impact news and resources. Here’s what you can expect:

The Passion Pursuit

So many young professionals are still in the exploratory phase of their careers. We may know that we want to change the world, but the question is “how?”. Many of us are multi-passionate and are interested in working with a wide array of social issues and diverse populations. Should we try different things or focus on developing our skill set in one particular area? What happens when you can’t decide between sales, program development, communications, or data management?

The Job Hunt

Once you narrow down the topic area and their skill set, how do you find a job? What resources do you use in the search? Through our podcast we share with our listeners the various blogs, newsletters, organizations, and other podcasts that have helped us better navigate the social sector.

These are some of the questions we have about our roles within the social sector that inspired us to create The Brink of Impact. You may have guessed by now that we don’t have all the answers, but through our podcast we interview others just launching their careers to learn what is working for their career journeys.

In addition to conducting interviews, we like to spread the wealth and share resources each week that we find helpful in learning about social impact and finding that ideal job, whether that’s another podcast, a blog that makes us laugh, a book, or a website. Here are three of our favorite job search resources we’ve shared on the podcast so far:



Fellowships are a great way to learn about the social impact sector in a concentrated, hands-on one-year role. One resource for finding fellowships ProFellow, which was founded in 2011 to serve as the go-to source of information on professional and academic fellowships. Today ProFellow attracts the largest online community of active fellowship seekers in the world and posts hundreds of interesting public service fellowship programs.



Ever want to hear people speak about the highs and lows of their job experiences? Joblogues is a weekly podcast, hosted by childhood friends, Joymarie & Cortney, which highlights candid, career conversations with young professionals around the globe. If you’re thinking about entering a specific field, Joblogues is the best way to hear more before you apply!

The Give


If you’re actively job hunting in the social impact space, The Give is the best way to access the most interesting job listings nationwide. The Give is a monthly list of social impact-related jobs, resources, and connections started by Danielle Vermeer, former Chicagoan and social innovation strategist.

We hope you take full advantage of these resources and continue to check out more resources on our podcast, The Brink of Impact. Be on the lookout for new episodes every other Monday on iTunes!

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The Brink of Impact was started by three friends: Chelsey Lowe, Maggie Stohler, and Rachel Whaley. You can follow them on twitter @brinkofimpact and subscribe to their podcast through iTunes.