Diversity & Inclusion

Our Focus on Diversity & Inclusion

YNPN Chicago views equity, diversity, and inclusion as indispensable to our development as a premier organization serving nonprofit professionals and strengthening the sector. Our commitment to valuing individual diversity means reaching beyond stereotypical views of individuals to be inclusive of the strengths and different perspectives that each person offers. Diversity is integral to our identity and is essential to creating a vibrant array of events and programs with unique perspectives.

YNPN Chicago will move our diversity and inclusion initiatives forward by proactively working to:

  • Ensure the design and execution of programs and events highlight and incorporate the diversity of Chicago neighborhoods and the nonprofit organizations within them.
  • Promote accessibility and increased attendance to programs and events among individuals in the YNPN Chicago community and organizational partners of diverse backgrounds.
  • Utilize the YNPN Chicago website and social media presence to highlight the achievements of our diverse community and the nonprofit organizations in which they work as well as provide opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds to network and connect with one another.
  • Engage in sustainable, strategic partnerships with groups and organizations that support and enhance YNPN Chicago‚Äôs mission and commitment to diversity and inclusion.