Director of Outreach and Mission Fulfillment


Job Title: Director of Outreach and Mission Fulfillment

Organization: Disque Foundation


Job Description

Tired of working in the corporate world? Do you want to help make the world a better place? Do you believe that impact is more important than money? Do you believe that devotion to serving those who serve others is the highest leverage activity you could do? If so – we might want to meet you. Everyday we strive to better serve those who serve others. Our team does this by improving online medical education that teaches health care professionals domestically and abroad how to save lives all while working remotely from home.

This is an excellent and unique opportunity to work with a company in the health care industry. Our company is always actively promoting health awareness, teaching people how to save lives, and providing medical education to healthcare professionals.

We are looking for a Director of Outreach and Mission Fulfillment that is capable of the following:

Primary Responsibilities

Oversee all activities of the foundation
Grow the mission and impact of the foundation
Establish partnerships with other organizations, non-profits and foundations to expand upon the mission of the foundation
Create, plan, develop, and execute on fundraising activities
Build deeper relationships with current customers and potential Advisory Board members
Identify potential grantees and partners in each community; recruit and assist with development of grant applications that address identified goals, needs and gaps.
Create and maintain a comprehensive database of outreach contacts.
Organize and coordinate all foundation trips and activities.
Serve as liaison to Mission Outreach Committee to ensure that Disque Foundation is represented at all relevant events throughout the service area.
Serve as an advocate and primary resource for Disque Foundation education and access to community-based health services and resources. Continually assess gaps and needs in life saving services, and maintain current information on foundation resources available.
Manage and coach Empowerment Team

Additional Information:
1099 Position (Independent Contractor)
Work from home

Location: Remote

Job Type: Full Time

Education and Experience

Bachelor’s degree
MBA with nonprofit focus preferred
5+ years in a non profit organization preferred
Experience managing at least 3 direct preferred
A self-starter who isn’t held back by a lack of direction or detailed instruction. Someone who can take what is given to them and run with it.
Excellent at following up with people, setting meetings, writing personable emails, and general communication skills.
Works well in a fast-paced environment.
Can handle a variety of detail-oriented tasks with a positive attitude.
Shows ability to proactively plan workload, adjust to meet deadlines, and provide creative solutions
Shows a history of integrity and professionalism

Education Requirement: Bachelors

How to Apply
To apply, please send the following to
Cover letter

Last Day to Apply: 04/30/2017

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