Define and Own Your Career Path By Identifying Your Transferable Skills


Identifying your transferrable skills is a crucial step to defining and owning your career path. Simply put, transferrable skills are those that translate across any position regardless of sector or industry. Your capacity to effectively manage projects, lead and work on a team, and analyze data are all examples of key transferrable skills.

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7 Social Media Tips for the Busy Nonprofit Professional


Like many nonprofit professionals, social media is an activity I work with on the side, to take care of when I have some extra time. So this fall, when I attended the Social Media for Nonprofits conference, I was not surprised when only 2 out of 100 attendees raised their hands when asked if they worked on social media full time. With the many responsibilities we are tasked with in the nonprofit sector, it can be difficult to dedicate the time necessary to build the online communities we hope for. After spending an entire day discussing social media, I learned a lot about how nonprofits can more effectively utilize this tool.

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Cut Through the Clutter: Top Information Resources for Young Nonprofit Professionals


As the nonprofit sector and our roles within it continues to evolve and grow, so too do the number of resources, case studies, and issue insights available and dedicated to nonprofit professionals, frequently for free. However, honing in (or simply locating) resources that are truly valuable can still be a struggle, so I have curated over the years a list of my trusted and proven resources. I hope these resources can help you combat information overload and lead you to feel more informed and inspired.

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