Leadership Institute: A Year of Advancement Part II


Leadership Institute: A Year of Advancement, is an ongoing series that shares the experiences of our 15 cohort members as they focus on developing their leadership and management skills through monthly workshops.

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Management Skills: Not Just for Supervisors


We all know that weekly one-on-ones with direct reports aren't the only situations in which employees use management skills. You can manage up or across; you can manage projects or expectations; and you don't have to be someone's supervisor to be a leader. That said, it can be difficult to prove you're ready to lead people and teams if no one has ever reported to you. Read on to find five ways to flex your management muscles when you don't have direct reports, and show your superiors that you're up to the challenge when a leadership opportunity comes your way.

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Leadership Institute Reflection: Michelle McSweeney

Michelle McSweeney, a member of the 2016 Leadership Institute cohort, shares her experience participating in the program and discovering her growth potential as a leader in the nonprofit field. Applications for YNPN Chicago's annual Leadership Institute open each fall. 

I started my career in the nonprofit sector as an unpaid intern with the American Red Cross, and today serve as the Manager for our Service to the Armed Forces and International Services programs. My goal is to ensure that our refugee communities and military families in Chicago are not only prepared for an emergency, but also can find and connect with their loved ones across the globe when disaster strikes.

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How to Make a Giving Tuesday Video

Giving Tuesday is quickly approaching, but there is still time to put together a short video to help publicize your campaign. Many of us have found this new giving tradition to be an excellent tool for connecting with new donors, while leveraging social media and email marketing to tell our client's stories and communicating the importance of our mission. Online video is an essential to making those connections, but where to start?

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Listen to What Matters: Podcasts Creators Energize the Social Impact Sector

What is The Brink of Impact?

blog-600x600.jpgWe started talking about creating a podcast because we wanted to talk to people like us and individuals in the first few years of their social impact careers, still in the figuring-it-out phase, who can share experiences, advice, and resources. We have found these peer-to-peer conversations valuable among our own circles and felt that a podcast would allow us to open up the conversation to a wider network. The result was The Brink of Impact and our goal is to share the stories and experiences of young people in the nonprofit sector through interviews and get our listeners excited about the many different paths you can take to pursue social impact. In each episode, we interview an individual about their journey so far, discuss the best ways to land that perfect job, and share social impact news and resources.

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Stop. Collaborate and Listen.

25979694313_33fcbb7579_o-300x199.jpgYou would think that competition would be a huge issue at the Chicago Literacy Alliance (CLA). We're comprised of nonprofits that have a literacy program or component, and we often work in the same schools and neighborhoods. Surprisingly, it isn't. Collaboration is at the core of the CLA , and we've found that when people work together, even if they have similar missions and constituents, they benefit more from learning and helping each other than they feel threatened by competition. We've learned a lot about the power of collaboration, especially over the last year as we built our shared workspace in the West Loop.

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Aha Moments! Leadership Institute Reflection 2016

Do I really know what it takes to be a great leader? Before participating in the Leadership Institute, I wouldn't have answered this question with an emphatic YES! Now that I'm several months in, my answer is changing.

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Tips for Managing Up in the Workplace


Elizabeth Finlayson, The Nonprofit Coach, facilitated a professional development workshop for YNPN Chicago members on managing upand we shared her secrets here for all of you! For those unfamiliar with the concept, managing up is a method of career development that's based on consciously working for the mutual benefit of yourself and your boss. At this workshop, attendees learned how to determine what a boss really wants and also discussed ideas for adjusting work practices to best maximize this important relationship. While it can be challenging to collaborate with supervisors, YNPN Chicago members learned that it is critical for career success.

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Using Logic Models to Evaluate Nonprofit Programs


In my role as President of PIE Consulting, Inc., I work with many nonprofits on every aspect of program evaluation. Oftentimes, an organization will contact me to design a survey, and my response is always, What do you want to know? You see, a survey is not always called for, nor appropriate. The method to collect information must be driven by the type of information needed. It is absolutely critical that nonprofits determine exactly what they want to know before designing and implementing a program evaluation plan.

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Leadership Reflection: Raymond Jackson

2015 YNPN Chicago Leadership Institute Participant, Raymond Jackson


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