4 Ways Skills-Based Volunteering Can Make Your Organization More Productive

skill based volunteering

Having been a part of the Catchafire team for close to 4 years, I’ve helped to match hundreds of social good organizations with talented professionals eager to give back their skills. In that time, I’ve learned quite a bit about the benefits of skills-based volunteering (SBV).

If you’re looking into skills-based volunteering as a resource for your organization, here are 4 reasons why it’s worth the time/effort investment:

  1. Give your team access to support they’ve never had. Nonprofits are strapped for time and resources–everyone on the team has lots to do.  Use skills-based volunteering to potentially take some items off the plate.  Outsource your individual donor letter or your Salesforce Database customization to a pro bono volunteer and focus your team’s energy on the work that only they can do. With extra support you can set even more ambitious quarterly goals!
  2. Use SBV to train your staff into leaders. Leading and managing a skills-based volunteering project is a great leadership opportunity for a staff member. Give someone greener the chance to develop skills in leadership and project management by seeing a pro bono project through from start to finish.
  3. Learn about a new subject. Skills-based volunteering engagement can teach you about a new subject area  that. Enlist a skills-based volunteer to help you with a project like a Marketing Strategy and learn from an actual marketing professional in addition to receiving a useful deliverable.
  4. Meet new advocates for your cause. Many volunteers often stay on as ongoing volunteers or even become board members and advisors! Skills-based volunteering engagements are a way for potential supporters to tangibly give back to your organization and gain a newfound understanding of the work that you do. Use SBV to build those long-term relationships and recruit your next batch of supporters.

About the Author



Denise Chan is currently the Marketing Manager at Catchafire. She was previously a Senior Nonprofit Advisor at Catchafire advising hundreds of organizations on how to best leverage skills-based volunteering to increase their impact for the year. For more information on Catchafire, visit www.catchafire.org.